Heating Service

When winter comes to Illinois, it can put a strain on your home or office's furnace. Imagine the numerous times a furnace runs during the course of a winter day. Parts can gather dirt, experience wear, and fail when you least expect it. Our furnace checks can make a difference. If your furnace needs repairs or to be replaced, we can help you at an affordable price.

At Sexton Heating & Cooling, we work for you. Your satisfaction is paramount to our business. We will take the time to understand your needs and concerns so that we can take care of your HVAC services in a timely, efficient, and personalized manner.

Furnace checks are an important step in keeping your central heating service running efficientlly and safely. Anytime you have a flame, carbon residue can start to form. Our service will clean critical elements of your furnace and verify all electronic components are working. New furnaces don't stay new for long and parts wear out. Without proper maintenance a homeowner will find themselves replacing the heating installation sooner than they should.

We specialize in residential and commercial heating to keep your home and office warm and comfortable during the winter months. Contact Sexton Heating & Cooling in Gibson City, IL today.


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